Creating a functional website can be a daunting task, especially if you are new in the field of web development. WordPress can be a very handy tool to make this journey effortless and enjoyable at the same time. WordPress is an Open Source Content Management System (CMS) that anyone can use to develop a website and blogs without any coding knowledge. In simple terms, WordPress is an easy-to-use tool for creating websites and blogs. Building a website has never been this easy and accessible. With the introduction of WordPress, Web Development has become a smooth job amongst many web publishers out there. As like in any Content Management System, WordPress too comprises a Backend (which site administrators & web publishers have access to for editing and managing website contents) and a Frontend that general website visitors see.

As of late 2021, 43.2% of all websites use WordPress. You are very likely to visit a WordPress website while surfing the internet. This very blog that you are reading, is also built on the top of WordPress. No wonder, this very CMS has gained so much popularity as It is one of the easy-to-use website publishing tools out there and the community support is very accessible.

Brief History on WordPress

Mike Little and Matt Mullenweg forked b2/catalog in 2003, and that’s when WordPress was born. They wanted to build a personal publishing system that was both beautiful and well-designed. Michel Valdrighi, a French programmer, created the B2/catalog in the early years of 2001. It was a novel idea that ushered in a new manner of building websites. The idea of dynamically constructing pages from MySQL database contents was the novel concept that gave rise to WordPress. They were able to increase the blog’s functionality by doing so.

Why WordPress is popular amongst Web Publisher?

You Still might be wondering about the popularity of WordPress and why it is so popular amongst the web publisher, while there are number of alterative out there like Drupal, Zoomla, Magento, Shopify etc. Well let me discuss on some the key points that makes WordPress standout amongst its rivals.

1. Reliability

WordPress has a dedicated open-source community that periodically works on WordPress updates and feature improvements. So we can totally depend on its reliability. Based on its ecosystem we can be assured that isn’t collapsing any time sooner. Based on the recent study from Kinsta, WordPress dominates all other CMS. Furthermore, WordPress powers 34% of all websites worldwide.

2. Flexibility

Whether be it a personal blogs, corporate website or complex ecommerce website WordPress can fit into all of these aspect. There are more that 4500 WordPress Themes & 55,000 WordPress Plugins currently in WordPress Directory. We can use these Themes & Plugins to uniquely design & develop the site of our need. If you are wondering what WordPress Themes & Plugins are. In simple words, WordPress theme defines the overall appearance of how website will look and feel. It gives a unique personality to the website. On the other hand WordPress plugin adds extra functionality to the website. For example, WooCommerce Plugin can help you build a eCommerce website. Ultimate Member plugin can turn your website into a social networking website with the feature like user interactivity. The possibilities are endless with WordPress.

3. SEO Friendly

If you are serious about your online business and thinking of making your website accessible to any possible clients, you need an SEO-friendly website. SEO, abbreviated for Search Engine Optimization has become an integral part of the field of web development. Due to rapid growth in the competition, SEO can help you stand out amongst your competitors and stay ahead. WordPress comes SEO friendly out of the box. Google loves websites built on WordPress and makes quality content accessible amongst the googlers.

4. Security

As mentioned earlier WordPress is frequently updated by an open-source community. These updates address every bug and issue found in its previous versions. In addition to these, we can keep the website more secure by adding Security Plugins like Wordfence Security, All in One WP Security, Shield Security, etc.

5. Great Community Support

How often have you been frustrated with the lack of answers and support on your unique website issues? You might have faced it in some part of your life. Well with WordPress, you can expect to have great support feedback. The community is very large and supportive. There is a great chance that any issue you face with WordPress has already been faced and addressed by someone. All you need to do is google for it and you will get answers and support to you in no time. Besides, WordPress has very comprehensive documentation. One can easily follow the documentation and build a website in no time.

6. Simplified Content Creation

As a content publisher, you would want a very simple yet powerful content editor for your website and WordPress can be exactly the tool you might be looking for. WordPress has laid out a simple interface for creating content like pages, posts, menus, widgets, etc. Posts can be organized under different categories & tags. Users can be assigned different sets of roles like administrator, author, editor, etc. These roles will assign a different set of responsibilities to each other and prevent each other from performing a certain task that they are not authorized to.

Confusion between &

Often beginners confuse between the & which leads them to choose the wrong blogging platform for their needs. They often deal with question like which one to choose? Here is a brief explanation between them. Even if the sound like the same they are two very different platforms.

  •, is a self-hosted WordPress. It is free, open-source WordPress software that you can host in your own web host that’s 100% your own.
  •, is a profit based paid service that is powered by software. It’s Simple to use. But with it’s simplicity you loose the flexibility that comes with the self-hosted WordPress.

Most of the time when people refer to WordPress, they mean the self-hosted WordPress available at If you want to own your website 100% and have freedom for flexibility and customizability you would be going for I have a comprehensive post on vs If you want to learn more about the differences between &

WordPress Themes and Plugins

I did mention something about WordPress Themes & Plugins while talking about the flexibility point at the top. If you are new to WordPress, these terms might confuse you. Let me briefly explain on these terms.

WordPress Themes are a group of files (graphic files, style sheets, JavaScript files, PHP files) that dictates the overall appearance of the website. They are responsible for changing the layout, typography, color and other design element in the website. There are currently more than 4500 free WordPress Themes in WordPress Theme directory which means 4500 different ways to lay the website and give them personalized look. By default a freshly installed WordPress site contains its own native theme. But this can be changed depending on the nature of web project. Follow WordPress Themes post to learn more about the WordPress Themes.

WordPress Plugin is a group of files (graphic files, style sheets, JavaScript files, PHP files) that adds new functionality or extends existing functionality of the WordPress. While WordPress Theme is aligned more on the appearance of the website, WordPress Plugin is used to add extra features or extend already existing features of WordPress. For example, a plugin named WooCommerce adds eCommerce functionality to WordPress. It turns a website from a simple blogging platform to a fully functional eCommerce website. Another Plugin bbPress can turn a simple WordPress site into an interactive Social Networking website. Follow this WordPress Plugin Post to learn about WordPress Plugin in more detail.

WordPress Themes & Plugins are key features responsible to turn WordPress into a powerful web publishing tool. With a unique set of themes and plugins, one can build any kind of website, be it a simple portfolio website or a hotel booking business. The sky is the limit.


I hope this comprehensive post has helped you to learn about WordPress and why one should use it for your next project. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an experienced on the field of Web development. I think WordPress can be a great choice for your next web project. WordPress has evolved to be what it is today.

I think being a human we should always head for a simple clutter free choices and this holds true in the field of Web Development too. WordPress can be another simple yet powerful choice as it is of millions out there.