In a web survey, it is proved that you have only 10 seconds to attract the site visitor and make an impact on your brand. Among many factors like Website load speed, color contrast, accessibility, Typography also plays a main role in providing visitors a seamless and distract less experience. Choosing the right Font for your site can be a confusing task and we are here to help you understand why and how to choose the right fonts for your site. This will help you win over the site visitors and help you grow your business.

Why fonts matters?

If we look at the history of the Web it was started with displaying with a mere block of text. The site in those days looked like just a block of text. Over the years, more interactive elements like images, videos, etc got added. But till the date, the use of text into the websites has been an integral part of providing information to the world. But displaying that information in old fashion ways won’t work these days as in the past there were limited fonts to use. The modern websites are moving towards making this information look more appealing to the visitors.

Psychologically humans have developed a mechanism to learn faster and easier with well contrasting font variations than with less contrasting ones. Our eyes seek important messages in Bold texts style than in the Normal text. A particular design of the fonts can attract a group of bloggers while the same design may be less appealing among Online Shoppers. The bottom line is that choosing the right font for your site can bring a very positive vibe among the visitors to seek more information about your brand and maybe even win visitors from your business competitors who have less appealing font usage on their website.

How to choose the right font for your website?

Choosing the right font for your website can be a challenging job for you if you are new to designing and have little knowledge on Typography Principle as there are numerous free and premium fonts available these days. Although it feels like we need to have a unique design appeal on our website this concept has little to do with choosing the fonts. It doesn’t have to be unique. It is always a great idea to have simple and readable fonts on the website so visitors can easily read and access the information.

Keep in mind that “Less is Best”. Use no more than 3 fonts within the site. Using more fonts means increasing distraction among visitors. It also impacts website load time which is a big deal for visitors with slower internet. But use at least two fonts for having proper contrast among the heading and the body fonts. You may use the fonts with higher font-weight for the heading and fonts with lesser font-weight for the body text. This will bring more contrast to the content.

Some of the key points to note while choosing the fonts:

  • Use no more than 3 font variations.
  • Make sure the fonts are simple and easy to read.
  • Use fonts with higher font-weight to the Heading text and font with lesser font-weight to the body text.
  • Choose the fonts with a wide range of style variations so that you have more contrasting appeal to the text on the website.

5 Best Free fonts for the website

Here I have listed Five best good looking fonts for the website keeping in mind all the points above that I have mentioned.


Roboto has a wide range of font style making it one of the eligible choice for displaying both in Heading as well as body. It is one of the most popular fonts downloaded in google fonts.

Open Sans

Open sans has a very simple design and is very visually appealing. This font is also one of the most used over the internet and I personally feel this font works best on the body text.


Lato too has a wide range of font style making it another eligible choice for displaying both in Heading as well as body.


Montserrat font too has a great variation of font style. It gives visitors very positive vibes. This font also can be used in both heading and body texts.


Poppins font has total of 18 font styles. You will have a flexibility to choose from different font style variations. This font looks best on headings.

Google provides a wide range of free fonts ready to be used in your business websites. Feel free to visit Google Fonts to explore more free fonts for your next awesome project.

Final Words

Having a fully functional website for your business is merely half way to publicize your business and brand. Visitors needs to have a simple and faster mechanism to interact with your website and a good selection of Typography can be of a great way to achieve this goal.

“Simplicity is the best policy”. Keep that in mind while choosing the fonts for your website and keep the visitors following to your website.